Problem with tracking downloads in Wordpress

Posted by rddr 

rddr [ # ]
February 14, 2014 01:50PM
I use Piwik and Wordpress and it works fine together so far. But I have problems, tracking my downloads¹ with the Download Monitor Plugin² from Mike Jolley. I asked the developer to maybe look into this, but he says he has no experience with Piwik. He said, I need a custom solution hooked into the download event³, if Piwik has an API to manually trigger a "view". Can anyone help with this?
³ []

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matt [ # ]
February 16, 2014 09:47PM
do you mean that you want to track a click on a particular link as an outlink or something? here is how to do this, there are several techniques []

Hope this helps, if not let me know what you need exactly

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rddr [ # ]
March 24, 2014 01:38PM
Handy solution. I added the CSS-Class to the Template of Wordpress Download Monitor. Seems to work! ;-)
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