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Posted by minimadsen 

August 27, 2009 04:06AM
I have lost my password for my own site, and I'm not even sure what the user name is. How can I reset the password or add a new admin user from the back-end? Is there any way?

vipsoft [ # ]
August 27, 2009 05:08PM
For Piwik 0.4.3 (and earlier): Click on the "lost password" link on the Login form. A new password will be sent to your registered email address.

For Piwik 0.4.4: Click on the "lost password" link on the Login form. A link to the Password Reset form will be sent to your registered email address.

If you don't have mail set-up, you'll have to edit either config/config.ini.php or the piwik_user table. Passwords are saved as an md5 hash.

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Paul61 [ # ]
February 19, 2014 03:47PM

Oops, I have forgotten my Login password for Piwik on my website.

Maybe the reset password is not working??

I type in the User name, and click Lost Your Password? The message is Enter A New Password For Your Account. So I enter the password (twice) an dthe error message is Invalid username or email address.

Please coudl someone help me to log back into Piwik sad smiley

Thank you in advance.

david55 [ # ]
February 19, 2014 04:01PM
Searching the Piwik website for "reset password" soon leads you to:

How do I change the Super User’s password when password recovery emails are not sent?
Paul61 [ # ]
February 20, 2014 07:34PM

Thanks for the link.

I have never used SQL before - so this was my first venture. i followed the instructions and opened my SQL database and saw that my user name was different than i thought.

Mmmm, sorry about that. Duh!

Thanks again though.

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